NAME: Arpil Dejonas

DESCRIPTION: April is the lost cyborg that stumbles upon the home building when she gets lost in a prairie. She's quiet, eminently small, and unexpectedly tough. But despite being the hero she, in a way, becomes, April is still an ordinary kid who goes to school, lives with a small family, and enjoys her free time. She misses them greatly after being away from them for so long while she's in the home building, but at least she has a good enough excuse for not doing any of her holiday homework!

ROLE: Protagonist



GENDER: Female (she/her)

AGE: Mid-teenager (14 - 15)

HEIGHT: 150cm (4'11)

RACE: Human/Cyborg, Southeast Asian decent

BASIC APPEARANCE: April has a small build with rounded features . Her hair is dark brown and measures up to the bottom of her waist. She wears it up in a ponytail. Her skin is light brown. Her torso, including her right arm, and waist down are robotic.

In the main story, April wears a white t-shirt with blue stripes and red cargo shorts. She also wears her favourite red trapper hat, and at the beginning of the story, she wears a dark-brown jacket. Later in the story, she ends up wearing additional accessories made from cloned loronvesta material that's. Her protective gear includes a face-mask, goggles, and fingerless gloves that are long enough to cover her arms.


PERSONALITY: Quiet, curious, stoic

GOOD TRAITS: Adaptable, has a bit of a nerd streak, physical strength (particularly from her robotic parts)

BAD TRAITS: Weak at socialisation, scatterbrained, self-doubtful

LIKES: Her hat and jacket, studying history, practising arnis

DISLIKES: Using motor vehichles, bugs, harming others or things


BIRTHDAY: 4th of May X751

BACKSTORY: April grew up pretty ordinarily until at about age 10, she was involved in a car accident and underwent the most impact. Her parents didn't want to lose her so they decided to buy a new body for her to live in. The cost of April's robotic parts exceeded her family's non-essential savings onto their essential savings, so then it was decided that they sold their old place to live somewhere cheaper, and have one of the parents go job hunting far away.

April, after adjusting to her new body, decided to pick up on doing more physical activity, and particularly arnis, to help her better body coordination. She was also given a jacket as a gift from her aunt, that's made up of loronvesta (a leather-like material thats durability is comparable to steel) to make April feel safe whenever she goes out. She wears this every day.

FAMILY: April has two parents, but she only lives with one of them in an apartment. The other lives far away because of their work. April's pet fish may count as family, as well.