Stuff about me

Me (Encore!)

As pasted from my old link...

Here's the basics

My real name's Angelica and I'm an aspiring writer and cartoonist.

This is a picture of me lol

You might know me better as either...

Wethuzz - My general online name
Chocco - My art name (also who I'm probably known most as)
Idiskeda - My music name

If you've seen me in real life...

You've seen me wear this one bright red earflap beanie at least once
(when it's not hot outside, obviously!)

You might've known me for drawing, too :P

And if you really wanna get into some more details

I'm a Filo in SA, Australia
Was born on the 10th of December, 2001
Go by she/her

List of links associated with me
Yeah, I know, it's a very long list. I dunno why, or how I've been able to manage them, but each link's done something for me.

Other things

Current Interests

My personal projects
Red Dwarf
Spectrobes (mostly the "shady three-man team" from Origins)
Cave Story

Hobbies/Interests/General Likes

Writing (scripts, mostly)
Making melodies/soundtracks
Piano, guitar (a bit) & ukulele (I dunno many chords though)
Hats (mostly my red beanie with the earflaps)
Coffee (long black)
I don't drink much, but there's also this one whiskey I like
I dunno, maybe I'll expand on this list some more...

Names that are pretty important to me / That I appreciate

Desuvi Music
Daisuke Amaya/Pixel
Terrible Writing Advice
Andrew Huang

Things I liked at one/some point(s) that's (still) important to me

TV Series

15 Storeys High
Alan Partridge series and other series he's featured in
Moral Orel
Red Dwawrf
8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
Samurai 7

Video Games

Spectrobes (series)
Cave Story
Wii Sports and probably nearly every other damn Wii series game
Animal Crossing series
The Sims
Kero Blaster
Some Mega Man games
Toilet in Wonderland


The Incredibles
The Magnificent Seven (2016)
April and the Extraordinary World
Seven Samurai


Gakkou Gurashi
Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto
Tanaka-kun is Always Listless
Saint Young Men
Mega Man (Archie)
Mega Man Megamix
Over the Hedge
Jujutsu Kaisen


Some mainstream object shows
C Students (but how defuq did I watch this at age 12)
Group 5
The Brodiac
Planetary Moe
Seeds: A Mini Story (Floraverse)
Fisheye Placebo
Armless Amy
1337 Joe and Fellow Seth
Ame Manga
Alan Partridge's Mid Morning Matters


Bad Mouth - Fugazi
KR2 Title - Waterflame
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive

2018-2019 (Trad instruments (or rather, mostly) phase)
All Turned Around - The Vinyl Flies
Unity - Operation Ivy
Are "Friends" Electric? - Gary Numan

2017 (Soundcloud and other chill stuff phase)
Still - Clayjay (archives)
Not It's Not Done - SoZoy
Lust for Summer Blues - Adustam
Gabriel - Seiun
Here There - Huey Daze

2016-2017 (Soundtrack and other things blur)
Safety (Cave Story) - Pixel
Cemetary ("") - ""
Pulse ("") - ""
Oppression/Ironhead ("") - ""
Other Neon - Xitilon

2015-2016 (The "Nice Musicccc X3 Yey" playlist phase)
Distant Skies - Unique
Dreamworld (Rhythmics Remix) - Defekt & XIO
Feel the Happiness - XIO (Feat. Zoe VanWest) Pink Haze - New Sylveon (formerly SqueZ at the time)
I Need You - Skeets & Ian K
Roll the Track (Gammer Remix) - Scott Brown
Time Stops - Virtual Riot
Chasing Clouds - Août
Leviathan - Cittan*
CHECKMATE! - Curlwond (Feat. Astro the Fox)

2014 (Discovery Phase)
Flying High (DJ Splash Remix) - IDK the original artist
Miracle Maker - DJ Splash
Drop - East Clubbers
Ravers Fantasy - Tune Up!
Po Pi Po (Ryu Remix) - Hatsune Miku
Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap