Project: April and Friends!

Who is this April person?

April's the cyborg kid protag of this one story I'm writing about some giant, mysterious building in the middle of nowhere.
And stuff's going wrong in that building and April's gonna wanna do something about that otherwise something real bad's gonna happen.
Not just the building though...
It's the rest of the star system, too.

Yeah, the fate of the world's under some 15 year-old's hands.
That's what happens when you're a child protagonist!

Want more ACTUAL stuff about this project?

I have a website for you!

It's THIS one!

For real though... It's real cool that you're showing at least SOME sort of interest in the story of April and friends.
Thank you!

Oh yeah, anywhere past here's probably got spoilers.

I'll put warnings before them, though.

What about April's friends?

There's about eight more of them. Realistically, April's got about two friends to start off with, which then becomes five, and then maybe six or something.

More Here

What's up with the giant building?

It's a building so big that there's even some railway system in there. It's one hell of a place to explore. April's gonna have fun. ...Or not. Y'know, because she oughta get homesick and all that.

There will be a link here

Anything else?

Not really. Probably just that this project is probably THE biggest project I've been working on for a while, at least while I'm writing this. It is the 17th of February, 2021, by the way. Also, it was based off this one digestive system assignment I got in year 8 that I got an E grade for. And it was originally gonna be a game, but I'm too lazy to learn to make one, so I've just decided to go the comic route, instead. Pretty excited!