It's time to meet everyone

April Dejonas

Cyborg Kid

April is the main protagonist of this story. I mean, what else would you expect from this page titled "Project: April and friends," anyway? That aside, if you've seen my art accounts on social media before, you might know April as that cyborg kid who's probably some hero of some sort. Well, she's really the everyperson type of protag that just so happens to know how to fight. She doesn't do much except from go to school, read a bit about things she likes and even do some physical activities, but she's really ambitiousless. It's even harder of a situation for her considering the fact that she's been dead before and brought back to life. Plus, the extra debate on whether bringing back the dead with technology is a good thing or not. Sucks, especially since she's only like 15. Now, a bit about April's personality... She's usually quiet and usually sensible, but also a bit of a brazen smart-aleck.

Dunno exactly what else to talk about here, but I reckon I'll continue this later. Moving on...

Abren S. Skatra

Antennae hair man

Meet our sad old bastard, Mr Skatra! His story's got some of the most story spoilers, but I did say I'll be allowing them onto here. (But, I'll mention 'em later...)

In a nutshell, this guy's basically me if I took the wrong turn in life and then turned all bitter, regretful and horrible. He's usually very shy (and also a dirty coward), probably being why he hides in the shadows doing his villain work. At the start he's all mysterious, but we know he wants the doubling machine. We dunno why, though. Is it exploitation? Cash? Fame? To expose the secret building that nobody else in the universe really knows existed? Actually, it's none of that. All he wants is to make up for his regrets. Or at least simulate the feeling as if he did by introducing a machine to the world and claiming it as his own.

His entire life he never felt like anyone was proud of him for doing anything. And he's also spent his entire life working on something he was never really all that passionate about in the first place. Y'know, because family stuff (to sum it up in one sentence, just imagine if Arnold Rimmer was his dad). Achieving that goal won't really make him hate himself any less, though, but at least he'd be feeling something.

Something nice about him, however, is that he's really family-oriented (despite avoiding contact with any of his biological family, haha). He's closest with his adoptive android daughter, Eyn, who's pretty much the only family he has. You'll meet her later in this page.

Phew... That's a lot of stuff that sounds like I wanna make you forgive everything he's done outta pity. Does he deserve to be forgiven? No way! Like hell he does! Sure, he's been through some tough times, but he's made other people's lives worse, too! He doesn't need redemption. But, if anything, I think he deserves peace. Will add more stuff, later...